Linux + C – Your New Friend, Awk

In modern internet lingo, awk is a synonym for awkward or abnormal. However, the Linux tool awk (and its brethren, gawk and nawk) are anything but awkward. Awk - the programmable filter So far, we've looked at a set of filters that perform fairly singular tasks. LESS and MORE are designed to filter output to the

Linux + C – Some Useful Filters

Soon we'll talk about perhaps the most powerful programmable filter ever conceived (the scripting language AWK), but first let's look at a few other common filters and their uses. More The filter more is a program that lets us print output one screen at a time. If you've ever run a diff between two files or

Update: Travel to my Alma Mater

I'm currently away from my usual posting environment. Hanging out with old friends, working on my real job, and fighting with the internet connection is limiting my ability to write. So, don't expect a post before Thursday. If I do get one out, it'll be