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Linux + C – Wrapup

Folks, we’ve pretty much reached the end of this series. Let’s take a look back on all the topics we’ve covered.

We’ve Discussed:

How to work with vi and gcc

How to write (and compile) useful code in C

How to create a makefile to automate compilation

How to navigate the file system in the terminal

Common Programs and Other Useful programs

The Concepts, Basics, and Practicality of debugging with GDB

Working with the Bourne Shell

Working with Pipes and Filters

Grep, RegexSed, and Other Filters

The Significance, Basics, and Use of Awk

And Some Other Useful Programs


Basically, we’ve gone from having no knowledge of Linux to the ability to write, compile, and run a C program. We can then call that program through scripts and pipe the resulting outputs through increasingly complex filters. How cool is that?


It’s been an interesting month or so. I’m looking forward to the next series (which is currently in planning).

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