Patterns: Code Completion using VI

Generally, I don't much care for IDEs. In my experience, IDEs add increasingly specific features to maintain their relevance, resulting in bloated software which takes too many resources to accomplish a relatively simple task. However, as functions get more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to make your code match the original prototypes. This is where

Patterns: Document as you go

Ask any programmer what the most irritating part of programming is, and they'll either say debugging or documentation. Admittedly, I am one of the rare exceptions (I dislike the coding part most, because it's less about solving a problem than it is translating the solution), but I have a standard which removes the most

Patterns: The 3-10 rule

Most programmers are, at least to some degree, familiar with Top-Down design principles. The 3-10 rule applies human nature to the top-down design rules, creating a substantially improved method for project generation.

New Series: Patterns

Officially confirmed: starting tomorrow, we'll be looking at patterns and behaviors that allow us to produce better, more reliable code at a higher rate.

Still Planning

It's much easier to create a book from a blog than it is to write a book raw, but it takes my time. While I work on that, it's harder to get good blog output. Still, I've got some of the topics ready. Here are a few bullet points from the next series: Using yank to

Planning is happening, so Open Q/A

I'm currently plotting out the next series (patterns and techniques for faster, cleaner, and more reliable code), so the rest of this week will be relatively light on content. However, I want to hear from you guys. Blogging is something of a two-way street; the content improves when I can tailor it for my readership.