Linux + C – Some other great tools

Well, we've pretty much run the gamut with Linux and C. However, there are a few other excellent tools you should know about. Doxygen Documenting code is a pain for most people. After months and months of diligent coding, they have to go back and create meaningful descriptions of all their library functions and how they

Linux + C – Awk Example: Line Counter

Like most things, learning awk is much easier with examples. Today we'll look at a simple awk script which counts lines of code based on their type. The Code: linecount The following code uses a lot of regular expressions to determine the nature of a line. There are three formats for these if statements: if($0 ~ /REGEX/)

Linux + C – AWK for Beginners

Now that we know how valuable awk is, we can start to look at how we use it. The Three Phases There are three stages of an awk script: BEGIN - happens exactly once at the start of the program END - happens exactly once at the end of the program ...and the main loop We usually use the BEGIN