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I'm hot blooded Check it and see I got a fever of 103 Well, not quite that high, but I'm in no condition to produce meaningful content at this point. Hopefully I'll be able to double-post on Monday (assuming I beat this thing back).   Update: I didn't beat it over the

Patterns: Creation and Destruction Stack

Virtually 100% of all memory leaks are preventable, assuming the programmer knows where to look. In many cases, the leaks occur because a programmer has failed to destroy what he has created, but it can become more complicated than that. Creation Stack: The Order Matters In many cases, we allocate memory as we use it, and

Patterns: Yin and Yang

How many programmers whine that C is dangerous because of memory leaks? How many programmers rely on IDEs because they can't keep track of how many layers of brackets they're using? All of this stress is easily defeated with a little bit of Eastern Philosophy. Yin: Beginnings In the binary unifying force of the cosmos, there are

Midday post

Crazy time to be alive, so expect today's content to show up later today. Also, I guess there aren't many better places to encourage everyone to do what they can to help with Paris's recovery from the terror attack this weekend. Our prayers are with those affected, and our thoughts on what has led to

Patterns: Comment Through History

Programmers are not unlike Dory from Finding Nemo, in that we have a limited memory. It seems like every time we sit down to code, and we are randomly struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration, we immediately lose it when we notice something shiny. That's an extreme example, sure, but programmers do have a

Patterns: Too Much Information

How many times have I seen this pattern in object oriented code? Public Class All members of the class are private All members can be accessed with accessor functions All members can be changed with modifier functions I hate to break it to y'all, but that's just a struct. The only thing you've done is add a hundred lines