Originally published by Robert Beisert at fortcollinsprogram.robert-beisert.com

Series: Me Programming

I’m fascinated with potential. When I am given a new task I’m focused on the potential of the idea. When I’m writing code I’m focused on the potential for reuse and maintentance. When I’m debugging I’m focused on the potential speed or functionality improvements I can create. It’s all about drawing out maximum potential.

In my life, it’s the same. When I cook I’m focused on the potential flavor and satiation I can create. When I clean I’m focused on the potential aesthetics of the cleaned room. When I work out I’m focused on the potential improvement over my previous lifts and the potential improvements to my appearance and strength.

I have often wondered why other people are unable to see and develop their own potential. Thousands of self-help books have attempted to investigate the problem and develop solutions, but the fact remains that most people do not see or achieve their maximum potential. Some seem to have an innate grasp of potential (Donald Trump or Mike Cernovich spring immediately to mind), but others seem content to wallow in some aspect of mediocrity.

This triggers my programming mind: how can we reprogram ourselves to be constantly improving in every way? Those who succeed are programmed for success, and those who never improve are programmed for mediocrity and status quo preservation. The Adonises of the world are programmed to become strong, and the couch potatoes are programmed to be couch potatoes. Engineers are programmed to be engineers, doctors are programmed to be doctors, and McDonald’s managers are programmed to be McDonald’s managers.

If we can change our own programming through willful application of certain techniques, development of better habits, and rewiring of inner monologue, we can become something entirely different from what we currently are. In this series, we’ll be looking at how minds are programmed, and consequently how we can reprogram them.

Prepare to have psychobabble and feel-good mumbo jumbo transformed into practical techniques and patterns you can use to improve yourself every day in every way.