Originally published by Robert Beisert at fortcollinsprogram.robert-beisert.com

About the Slack

I’ve been quite lax the past few weeks posting any content, and I thought it high time to delve a bit into why.

Side Projects

Of late, I’ve been wondering a bit whether it’d be possible for a terse, no-fluff writer such as myself to craft a novel. I spent many of my usual writing hours plotting what I now fear is too grand a project – what I wanted to be a novel is swiftly blocking out into something of a series. The basic idea was to write about a medieval low-fantasy setting in which a fairly regular guy, through determination and curiosity instead of special talent or gift, goes from a farmboy to the first man to craft a true magic sword in centuries. No grand villain, no fantastical battles against overwhelming odds, just life lived well. After blocking out some of what I would consider to be key scenes, I’ve got way more than I ever expected, so I’m facing the choice between just writing to see what happens and stripping the plan down to something more manageable.

In addition, I decided that I’d been neglecting the skills I’ve built over the years. I haven’t spent much time singing, practicing voices, or playing any instruments over the past year or so, and considering how far I’d developed those skills I thought it wise to spend a bit of time on those aspects of my skill tree.

Falling off the Ball

I wish I could say it’s all been about my grand visions and plans, but that’s sadly not the case.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve watched more Netflix than I watched in the previous few months.

While those videos played on screen two, screen one was fairly consistently filled with one video game or another.

At the same time, I’ve been exercising less, letting valuable chores such as cleaning, washing dishes, cooking, and actually folding my laundry fall by the wayside, and spending less time in the presence of actual human beings. I’ve not read a full book in a while, either.

All of this is wrong. These are aspects of the person I once allowed myself to be, and regressing to those patterns has produced the same lack of progress, physical decay, and mental fog that I once experienced.

Returning to Form

It is common wisdom that it’s much easier to build bad habits than good, and that’s been exactly the case for a little while, now. My plan moving forward is fairly simple, if hard:

  1. It’s high time I got back on the posting train. Three here, one at Evermore Instructional, and one on my bible blog every week.
  2. Back in the gym four times a week.
  3. Actively restrict my bad habits in a “weaning” fashion. No more than one 8-oz sugar drink (juice preferred over soda), up to two hours of video games per day, etc.
  4. Drink one 8-oz glass of water every hour, whether I think I need it or not
  5. Scramble eggs for lunch every day, to force myself back into the kitchen and improve my general health through better diet.
  6. Re-establish my morning ritual. First thing in the morning I’ll do calisthenics and follow it up with ten minutes of Wim Hof breathing, then a quick cup of coffee and a rinse to start the day.
  7. Set aside one hour each evening to clean.
  8. Weekly pick one item to donate or sell. This will help “declutter” my life and focus my attention on those things I find most valuable.

As they say, the second-best time to start is today. I toast you all with a cool glass of water.