Originally published by Robert Beisert at fortcollinsprogram.robert-beisert.com

Some Advice for College-Aged Nerds

It’s that time of year again. Summer is drawing to a close, and soon school will be back in full swing.

I got out of college not long ago, so I can still vividly remember a host of things I did right and wrong. I imagine most of the college-aged engineers out there could benefit from a few basic tips, so here’s a brief rundown.


Nerds are stereotypically unfit. You don’t want to be that stereotype.

I didn’t start lifting until my senior year was in full swing, and I deeply regret all the lost time. After all, I had free access to an open gym with all the equipment I could want, but I avoided that building like it was radioactive. This was a mistake of the highest caliber.

If you aren’t already lifting, I’d recommend you look into the Stronglifts 5×5 program or a related program. If you work out with the philosophy of lifting heavy for short bursts (with little cooldown), you’ll gain muscle, strength, and endurance fairly quickly.

For best results, find someone at the gym who already lifts regularly and become their partner. They’ll do more to fix your form and regimen than a dozen personal trainers.

And, for the love of God, don’t stick to cardio. It does almost nothing for you, and endurance running is bad for your knees and your heart (which is why so many marathon runners die young from heart attacks).


Pizza, pop tarts, and ramen noodles are cancer. That’s not just me talking – wheat consumption has been linked with a number of unpleasant outcomes, among which is cancer.

Adhere to the Kwazniewski Optimal Diet Ratio – 1g carb : 2g protein : 5g fat.

Get your proteins from animal sources. Soy has estrogenic properties in men, and whey is incomplete protein. Eggs are basically perfect in every way, as are organ meats like liver.

Avoid vegetable fats, with the exception of avocado, olive, palm kernel, and coconut (all of which are primarily saturated fat or oleic acid). Up your intake of butter, bacon grease, and the like.

Sugar is among the most fattening, diabetes-inducing chemicals on the planet. Switch from sodas to coffee or tea, and drink liquor instead of beer or cocktails (if you drink – I’m not judging you either way).

You don’t need workout supplements (except, perhaps, vitamins like Zinc and Magnesium).


Keep the video games down to 1 hour per day. They eat time you could be spending with other people. (This includes Pokemon Go).

Go to those school-wide events you usually avoid. You don’t have to be a decent dancer to enjoy a school dance, and you don’t have to care about sports to go to the pep rallies (or whatever your school calls them). They’re basically free ways to meet people.

Apply yourself to learning how to meet and make friends with anyone. It’s a learnable skill, no matter how it may seem to you right now.

Find a dance club and go join. It seems like every school I’ve seen has at least one swing society or ballroom club.

Study like it’s your job (because you’re paying to learn). Go to class. Take notes. Do the homework. Study ahead when and if you can.

Read Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich. It’s enlightening.


Ditch the trilby and the trench coat. Even the uber-nerd Yahtzee Croshaw (Zero Punctuation) ditched his years ago.

Get your suits and dress shirts fitted. Shirt work usually cost $5 at a reasonable tailor, and the difference in your appearance is astounding. (Suit costs vary)

That funny slogan on your shirt is only interesting the first time. Switch primarily to plain t-shirts that fit better and accent your skin tone or eyes (ask a sorority girl – they know all about this stuff). Keep the funny shirts rare, and they’ll stand out.

Get better shoes. Tennis shoes and cross trainers are only acceptable when you’re working out. You’re better off with understated leather shoes, boots, or even skate shoes in casual settings.

White socks are terrible on everyone but black men (and even then, it varies). Switch to black or brown socks that go with your pants. And never wear long socks with shorts.

Have at least one dark red shirt. A red button-down goes well with black pants or a black suit, and people (ladies) will notice. Also, you don’t usually need more than one white shirt and one blue shirt, so spice it up a bit.

If you shower daily and use deodorant, one or two shots of a good cologne go a long way. I like Polo Blue, but Davidoff Cool Water is also a nice choice. Try out the knockoffs at Walmart until you find one you like.


(If there are ladies reading this, you can pretty much close out now.)

Pretty much every guy I’ve ever met wants to get laid. And pretty much every engineer I’ve met has some degree of trouble with women.

I’ll not provide links to resources, but read up on Game. The “manosphere” is full of excellent resources. As a rule, though, stay away from r/TheRedPill (which was once pretty good, but is now pathetic) and self-proclaimed MGTOW’s. Neither of these resources has anything of value to offer you.

You find more when you’re not looking for it. If you can learn not to care whether you get laid (or get a date), opportunities will often materialize. Some refer to this as the “Abundance mindset,” or “ZFG.”

And, most importantly of all, don’t tie yourself down yet. Rarely is the first girl to come along the one you really want to sign a legal contract with.