Originally published by Robert Beisert at fortcollinsprogram.robert-beisert.com

You Gotta Want It

When it comes to achieving any goal, you have to really want it. This is no less true of self-improvement than of making money or designing new code.

When I was a kid, I wanted the new Legend of Zelda (Majora’s Mask). It was a muggy August with highs in the 100’s, but I wanted that game. In the end, I grabbed my parents’ lawnmower and started working, even though I had migraines and could barely push the thing. It was brutal work that I still vividly remember, but in the end I had my game (and boy was it worth it).

We are an overweight nation, and we have more resources to fix that problem than any culture in history. But while we have all the gyms and scientific evidence in the world, most people lack the desire to become thin and fit. The people who come into the gym day after day fall into one of three categories: those who love the feeling that comes from exercise, those who genuinely desire to become stronger or faster, and those who genuinely want to be attractive enough to get laid. The people who teach themselves to program well do so out of genuine desire to make more money with less effort. The people who successfully go from spergs to playboys do so out of genuine desire to understand people and get laid.

Millions wish for success, but only hundreds achieve it. The secret is in desire.

  • Gonzalo Vazquez

    The problem with the world today is that every generation after the mid 90;s is brought up to be pussy’s. Back when i was growing up me any my brother got in fights and argued about stupid things but we were encouraged to do so, today kids are tough to drink to kool-aid and not question and think. I mean you cant even voice your opinion with out worrying about offending someone. What we need today is more parents like Red Foreman. Someone who is willing to step up and put a boot in there kids ass when they make a mistake, but also to teach them personal responsibility. I got lucky growing up, my step dad was raised old fashion and so was my mother. When we made mistakes we paid for it and we were instructed and made to say aloud what we did. Everything starts at home, today young adults need to start raising there children instead of putting them in front of the TV or other electronic devices and quit relaying on the school system to raise them. I know this post got off topic but my point remains the same. Also i think you told me this story before.