What We Can Learn from Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Exploit

Best thing ever: discovering an exploit that no one else has found (so far as you know). Worst thing ever: being exploited. Runner up: Learning about a beautiful exploit AFTER the company has implemented measures to stop it. I was recently exposed to an excellent blog post about an exploit of the Kindle Unlimited system. For those

No More Posts This Week

I've been fighting with my syntax highlighter for as long as I've been operating this blog. I have decided to move from SyntaxHighlighter (which is garbage in the visual editor) to Enlighter. Unfortunately, this change affects almost every post on this site, so I have a LOT of rework to do. While that's going on,

A Quick Request

I'm still not back from my holiday due to an important family concern, so I'll not be ready to resume my regular posting schedule until after next week. I'm a bit disappointed in myself, because I do strive to put out content every week, but sometimes life happens. I do have one request for you

Merry Christmas

Don't worry about the MA rating: this clip doesn't really deserve it.   If the video won't work properly for you, you can watch it here:

Working on Material

Just a heads up: I'm in the editing process for a pattern book right now. I'm working on new material It's almost Christmas So, posting will be sporadic until after the new

Editing for another book

Well, that's twenty-four patterns of design and thought, so it's time for another book. The title will be 24 Patterns for Clean Code. Don't worry that I'm out of material - there's hundreds of years' worth of material to write about. That said, I'm in transit, so this is it for