Foreigner says…

I'm hot blooded Check it and see I got a fever of 103 Well, not quite that high, but I'm in no condition to produce meaningful content at this point. Hopefully I'll be able to double-post on Monday (assuming I beat this thing back).   Update: I didn't beat it over the

Midday post

Crazy time to be alive, so expect today's content to show up later today. Also, I guess there aren't many better places to encourage everyone to do what they can to help with Paris's recovery from the terror attack this weekend. Our prayers are with those affected, and our thoughts on what has led to

No post today, but a bit of advice

This bears repeating: DON'T RETURN VOID. Even when there's no way for a function to fail, return an integer. Why? Because it allows the user to go on autopilot. If all of your functions return int (except for a few explicitly-named constructors - these can return the desired struct), the end user can just work your code into

A Hundred Posts

I'm traveling today, so I'll save the content for tomorrow. Hooray! I've been blogging for 100 full posts (actually, this is 103). That's more than the average blogger ever puts out, because it takes a degree of focus to make this happen. Ah. Basking in the glow of success.   Okay, back to

Still Planning

It's much easier to create a book from a blog than it is to write a book raw, but it takes my time. While I work on that, it's harder to get good blog output. Still, I've got some of the topics ready. Here are a few bullet points from the next series: Using yank to

Planning is happening, so Open Q/A

I'm currently plotting out the next series (patterns and techniques for faster, cleaner, and more reliable code), so the rest of this week will be relatively light on content. However, I want to hear from you guys. Blogging is something of a two-way street; the content improves when I can tailor it for my readership.