CS 101 – Recursion and Iteration

Many problems in this world require us to perform a series of steps over and over, looking for the correct result. In computer programming, we have three ways to do this. Keep it Simple Of course, if you really want to make this easy for yourself, you just write the solution as one big block. This

Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Wikipedia: Defending a Liar

Just a quick post, here. I want to signal-boost this story as much as possible, because it reflects such a powerful and influential figure. As I only just became aware, through writer Vox Day, Tyson has a history of fabricating quotes and manipulating audiences with poor math. Equally significantly, this history has apparently been knowingly scrubbed

No post today

I'm a bit Gluten Intolerant, and I managed to get a bit in me. Thanks to this migraine and nausea, no post today. I'll try to catch up this weekend, if I recover as

Day off – July 3

As today is a holiday, I'm electing to take a day off of my current posting. I highly recommend you review the past few lessons during this time.   See you

CS 101 – Binary and Hexadecimal

You may have heard the old programmer's joke: There are 10 kinds of people in this world: Those who understand Binary, And those who don't. This is an excellent introduction into the topic. Binary Computers, being dumb machines, are composed primarily of a host of switches. These switches have two states: ON and OFF (or CLOSED and OPEN). When the

I’ve Moved

  I am no longer the Dallas programmer, as I have transitioned into Fort Collins. The content I seek to provide is similar to that I provided