Patterns: Initialize Everything

malloc(): memory corruption When you look at an error message like that, what could possibly lead you to believe that, a hundred lines up, you didn't properly initialize a size variable? After all, all we know is that this malloc() operation could not complete because the memory it should be able to touch is corrupted. Yes,

Preparing for New Year’s Resolutions, Part 7

If you are reading this on the day of its publication, then it's New Year's Eve. Traditionally, this is a night for celebration, drinking, and great remorse on the morrow. New Year's Day is usually full of easily-broken promises which will not survive into February. That has been the topic of this brief series. Day [today]:

Preparing for New Year’s Resolutions, Part 6

We've set up a solid pathway for success in all ways but one. Day 6: What do do when the arrow misses Most Americans (and possibly the entire Western world) are failure-averse. This derives from years of conditioning in schools and media, which spends too much time praising and building up esteem with too little time

Preparing for New Year’s Resolutions, Part 5

Visualization is a key component of brain retraining. It has been observed that athletes who visualize performing their sports effectively experience improvements greater than those who do not. However, visualization by itself will never be enough. Napoleon Hill's classic Think and Grow Rich explains that wishing gets us nowhere. We have to move from wishing

Preparing for New Year’s Resolutions, Part 4

Generally speaking, you don't want to think either too small or too large. If you go too large, you bite off more than you can chew and end up accomplishing nothing. If you go to small, you accomplish much less than you ultimately could have. It might be a slight overreach, but I'm going to