Quick Tips for Making Headers

In the world of C/C++, we use headers extensively. The basic rule is that C/CPP files contain code that becomes binaries, and H files contain the interfaces that allow us to reference them in other C files. Any program more complex than a calculator will likely contain multiple C files that are combined into

Patterns: One Sentence

There is a law of problem solving which has been passed around since time immemorial. To Einstein, the law looked like this: If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. However, this law has seen many refinements, and it came down to me in this form: If you can't explain it in one

Patterns: The 3-10 rule

Most programmers are, at least to some degree, familiar with Top-Down design principles. The 3-10 rule applies human nature to the top-down design rules, creating a substantially improved method for project generation.