Linux + C – Some other great tools

Well, we've pretty much run the gamut with Linux and C. However, there are a few other excellent tools you should know about. Doxygen Documenting code is a pain for most people. After months and months of diligent coding, they have to go back and create meaningful descriptions of all their library functions and how they

Linux + C – Your New Friend, Awk

In modern internet lingo, awk is a synonym for awkward or abnormal. However, the Linux tool awk (and its brethren, gawk and nawk) are anything but awkward. Awk - the programmable filter So far, we've looked at a set of filters that perform fairly singular tasks. LESS and MORE are designed to filter output to the

Linux + C – Some Useful Filters

Soon we'll talk about perhaps the most powerful programmable filter ever conceived (the scripting language AWK), but first let's look at a few other common filters and their uses. More The filter more is a program that lets us print output one screen at a time. If you've ever run a diff between two files or

Linux + C – Programs You Will Use

There are a few programs in Linux which every programmer MUST use at one point or another. Most of these are every-day tools, without which we cannot survive. Moving Files There are three basic functions we use to move files around in the Linux terminal. They are, in no particular order: cp source_location destination_location - Copy a