Linux + C – Programs You Will Use

There are a few programs in Linux which every programmer MUST use at one point or another. Most of these are every-day tools, without which we cannot survive. Moving Files There are three basic functions we use to move files around in the Linux terminal. They are, in no particular order: cp source_location destination_location - Copy a

Linux + C – Welcome to the Terminal (And the File System)

With this little box, you can do almost anything. Hotkeys There are a few quick commands you will need to know as we move forward with the terminal. In no particular order: CTRL-C - Close the process currently running. This is sort of like pressing the X on a GUI interface. CTRL-Z - Kill the process currently running.

Programming Environments – C in Linux

Most people don't realize how much programmers rely on their programming setups. At bare minimum, every programmer has to have three things: Text Editor - We need to write code somehow Compiler/Interpreter - We need to translate our code into something the computer can work with Debugger - We almost never get it right on the first